MCX-KWFD MCX angled female connector by flange mounting

Short Description:

MCX connectors are used as terminals to connect to coaxial cables, printed circuit boards (PCBs), or terminal blocks. MCX connector structure is divided into jack type or plug type, polarity is divided into standard polarity or reverse polarity, impedance specification is 50 ohms. MCX connectors are divided into straight or right angle type and bulkhead type, 2-hole panel type, 4-hole panel type or installation-free type.

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☆ Electrical Performance

Parameter Value
Article No. MCX-KWFD
Frequency range 0 ~ 6GHz
Impedance 50Ω
VSWR ≤1.30
Withstanding Voltage 750V
Rated Power 1000W
Connector Type MCX-Women interface
Standard IEC60169-4

☆ MechanicalPerformance

Parameter Value
Waterproof degree NO
Moisture resistance NO
Mating cycles ≥500
Outer Dimension 9.5*10.5mm

☆ Environment Performance

Parameter Value
Operating temperature range -65℃~+165℃
Storage temperature range -30℃~+60℃

☆ Material &Plating

Connector parts Material Plating
Center conductor Brass Silver
Outer conductor Brass Nickeling 
Dielectric PTFE /
Salt Mist   48H

☆ Packing

Standard 5000pc/plastic bag in separate carton

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