How to deal with the surface coating of the inner conductor of the RF coaxial connector

As an important component of passive components, RF coaxial connectors have good broadband transmission characteristics and a variety of different connection methods, and are widely used in test instruments, weapon systems, communication equipment and other products. Due to the wide application range of RF coaxial connectors, people have higher and higher requirements for their reliability. Although there are many varieties of RF coaxial connectors, there are certain commonalities in fault reporting, in order to ensure transmission signals. The quality of the inner conductor is generally gold-plated. However, if the bonding strength of the plating layer is poor, after repeated insertion and removal, the coating on the surface of the inner conductor may generate bubbles or even peel off, resulting in poor contact between the socket and the inner conductor of the pin during connection, thereby lowering the electrical performance index of the connector. . Repeated insertion and removal can also result in wear of the coating and poor surface quality. Because of the skin effect during signal transmission, the higher the frequency at which the connector transmits signals, the greater the effect of plating on the inner conductor surface on electrical performance. Usually want to change this situation, you need to control the quality of the coating, to ensure the adhesion of the coating to the substrate; hard gold alloy plating, in order to improve its wear resistance.


Post time: Dec-04-2019