The world’s top scene actual combat over: Winter Olympics 5G score?

     February 20, 2022 Beijing Olympics formally ended, as "the strongest in the history of the Olympic winter games, from the opening ceremony of the incomparable turneth the edge of the official competition shall, to the closing ceremony of the gut-wrenching, during the 16 days of the 2022 Beijing Olympics as well as global hundreds of millions of viewers with the beauty of the snow and ice and gleaming MEDALS to share, In this winter Olympics big show behind the charm of science and technology, also really surprised the world. This is the first large-scale "live performance" of 5G in the world since its commercialization. The large-scale application of 5G requires, first of all, a wide coverage of the network. Seamless connection is the basic network condition, and large-scale activities not only reflect the comprehensive strength of a country, but also test the communication network.

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     "Very successful, very satisfying! "There have been breakthroughs in many areas, especially in broadcasting and communications technology." That's international Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach's assessment of the Games. As the Olympics are the only official communication service partner, china, full practice of "digital information infrastructure operating service, network power digital China wisdom society construction main force vanguard, digital technology integration innovation," the responsibility of the mission, around watching, entry, run competitions three scenarios, innovation to create a number of domestic initiative, the world's leading "gold medal" application, Inject strong sense of science and technology into the Winter Olympics. So what are some of the communications breakthroughs Bach praised? Let's see!

     1. Super capacity network guarantee technology for 5G venues
Built a future-oriented 5G network with reasonable architecture, comprehensive functions, advanced technology, security and reliability. Led the innovation and development of new 5G microstation equipment, whose bandwidth reaches 300MHz, the highest in the industry, three times that of the first generation of 5G equipment.

     2. The world's first 5G HSR studio
Using a number of 5G black technology, help CCTV to achieve the world's first high-speed railway ultra hd live studio, so that the audience can experience 5G+4K visual feast of the Winter Olympics on the train at 350 km/h.

     3. IPv6+ "Winter Olympics Smart Network"
More than 80 venues, more than 2,600 media staff and more than 150,000 terminals in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. With IPv6+ as the technical base, a smart winter Olympics special network has been built, which can provide low delay guarantee, differentiated carrying capacity and high reliability guarantee capability.

     4. 360 degree free viewing system
Every jump, every flash... You can look anywhere you want just by clicking your finger. For this Winter Olympics, china created the 360° free viewing technology, which not only provided rich viewing content for the spectators outside the Olympic Games, but also made up for the single viewing experience caused by the limited location of the spectators inside the Olympic Games, allowing the audience to realize the real "freedom of viewing Angle".

     5. 5G cloud broadcasting
The traditional broadcasting model required the preparation of broadcasting equipment in advance. Now, one person, one camera, one 5G cloud broadcasting backpack and one laptop can broadcast the event. China will broadcast lightweight cloud, to achieve "walk" "walk along with the shoot" broadcast. The content will also go global via the cloud, making it easier for journalists who can't be there.

     6. Unattended mixed interview
Reporters and athletes will be placed in different areas, each facing a screen, and will be able to conduct interviews using A 5G network. The unmanned hybrid interview technology has made its debut in international competitions for the first time, ensuring real-time transmission of interviews between athletes and journalists and meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

     7. "5G" smart car alliance
Intelligent driving, waving to stop, encounter temporary road conditions can also make timely evasive action...... To meet the demand for efficient and safe transportation during the Winter Olympics, China has built an intelligent vehicle network system based on 5G network in Shougang Park. The system covers an area of more than 1 million square meters and realizes 5G+C-V2X converged networking with transmission delay of less than 10 milliseconds.

     8. (TTOC) "Smart Brain"
Since the opening of the Games, Winter Olympics Communications Operation Command Center (TTOC), located in Beijing Shougang Park, has provided 7X24 technical support services for all venues. This includes not only the comprehensive monitoring system of winter Olympics communication, comprehensive fault scheduling system and network digital operation platform, but also the real-time monitoring (automatic inspection), unified scheduling, unified response and unified service of all Olympic venues and facilities.

     9、5G smart epidemic prevention
Using 5G, AI, Internet of Things, thermal imaging and temperature measurement technologies, China has independently developed a handheld intelligent epidemic prevention all-in-one machine that supports face recognition, ID cards, medical insurance cards, senior citizens' cards, disabled persons' cards and other verification methods.

     10. 5G smart services
The 5G technology and real-time image acquisition technology carried by the smart first aid product can send back the physical signs data of injured athletes in real time, striving for the golden treatment time for patients.
In addition, on the Olympics, Olympic venues also equipped with intelligent robot, intelligent distribution cabinets, coffee robot delivery service for your convenience, through 5 g + AI ops remote collaboration platform and visual integrated command platform, make operation management more convenient, scientific, facility operation security personnel number is expected to reduce 30%, venues and energy saving 20%, Operation and maintenance efficiency increased by 40%.

Post time: Feb-23-2022