Zhenjiang Kontex Electronics Co., Ltd. will organize a delegation to attend “Brazil International Information Technology Outsourcing Exhibition 2019 (NETCOM 2019)” in August 2019.

In order to promote the export of telecommunications, radio and television related products in our province and accept the orders of software outsourcing in the international market, Zhenjiang Kontex Electronics Co., Ltd. will organize a group to participate in the “Brazilian International Information Technology Outsourcing Exhibition 2019″ (NETCOM 2019) in August 2019, booth number: D26, which is sponsored by Jiangsu International Trade Promotion Center, Jiangsu New International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. undertakes specific projects and organizes special promotion activities in Argentina.

Introduction to the exhibition:

NETCOM is the most professional communication network technology exhibition in South America and Brazil. It is organized by ARANDA, a famous Trade Exhibition Association in Brazil. The exhibition is held once every two years. NETCOM basically invites all well-known operators, contractors, equipment suppliers and industrial users in South America’s telecommunications industry. The exhibition in 2017 has become visiting exchanges among all parties. Currently, efficient and stable telecommunications and data networks have become a very important part of business activities and family life, and the scope of demand and application has been further expanded, covering business security, education and entertainment. In 2017, more than 220 vendors participated in the exhibition, with about 7,500 visitors and about 400 participants. Including Vivo, TIM and other Brazilian mobile operators (Brazil’s mobile communications market, there are four leading operators, Vivo, TIM, CLARO and OI), VERTIV (Emerson Network Energy), SCHNEIDER, WDC and so on.

Post time: Dec-04-2019