SMB-75KWHD6 SMB 75Ω bend female Connector plug into PCB board

Short Description:

SMB connector is used as a terminal to connect to a coaxial cable, a printed circuit board (PCB), or a terminal block. SMB connector structure is divided into jack or plug type, impedance specification is 50 ohms. Its shape is divided into straight or 90-degree right-angle type and partition type, 2-hole panel type, 4-hole panel type or installation-free type. These SMB connectors are terminated by snap / solder, crimp / solder or solder.

Product Detail

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☆ Electrical Performance

Parameter Value
Article No. SMB-75KWHD6
Frequency range 0 ~ 4GHz
Impedance 75Ω
VSWR ≤1.3
Withstanding Voltage 750V
Rated Power 1000W
Connector Type SMB-Female interface
Standard IEC60169-4

☆ MechanicalPerformance

Parameter Value
Waterproof degree NO
Moisture resistance NO
Mating cycles ≥500
Outer Dimension 20*6*13mm

☆ Environment Performance

Parameter Value
Operating temperature range -65℃~+165℃
Storage temperature range -30℃~+60℃

☆ Material &Plating

Connector parts Material Plating
Center conductor Brass Silver
Outer conductor Brass Silver
Dielectric PTFE /
Salt Mist   48H

☆ Packing


3600pc/plastic bag in separate carton

Remark:Dimensions are in mm with tolerance of ±2%

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